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Get Paid in no time with HMS Claim Submission Services, We scrub your claims, fight denials, and track everything for you. You just focus on your patients, and we'll make sure that you get paid for every dollar!

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Hassle-Free Electronic Medical Claim Services

Streamline your billing process and boost your bottom line with our comprehensive electronic medical claim services. We take the burden of manual claim submissions off your shoulders, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care.

Our team of experienced professionals meticulously scrubs your claims for accuracy and completeness, ensuring they meet all payer requirements from the get-go. This reduces the risk of denials and delays, getting you paid faster.

Plus, our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor the status of your claims in real-time, giving you peace of mind and control over your revenue cycle. We also provide detailed reports and insights to help you identify areas for improvement and further optimize your claim submission process.

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Hassle-Free Electronic Medical Claim Services

Claims Processing Software We Use

Office Ally
Athernal health
health fusion
Simple pratice
Eliminate Claim Rejections & Delays with Timely Claim Filing

Eliminate Claim Rejections & Delays with Timely Claim Filing

Many practices struggle with timely claim filing, leading to frustrating denials and delays in getting paid. But with HMS's claim submission services, you can breathe easy Our team stays ahead of the curve with the latest codes, regulations, and payer guidelines. This ensures your claims are filed accurately and flawlessly, minimizing rejections and maximizing reimbursements.

Before your claims go out, they undergo meticulous scrutiny to catch any potential errors or inconsistencies. This prevents delays and keeps your cash flow healthy.We don't just submit claims – we actively manage them.

Our specialists perform work edits to optimize submission and follow up proactively to ensure timely processing. This significantly reduces denials and keeps your money moving. If a claim gets denied, leave the fighting to us! Our dedicated team handles appeals and resubmissions, saving you time and stress.

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HMS Advance Claim Submission & Scrubbing Process

HMS streamlines your claims with an advanced submission & scrubbing process. Eliminate errors, accelerate payments, and reclaim lost revenue. Get a free consultation today!

Practice Audit

Streamlined Claim Creation

We enter patient & charge info. Our secure portal ensures data accuracy & privacy.

Patient Benefits and Eligibility

Expert Coding & Scrubbing

Our team verifies & optimizes codes for maximum reimbursement, minimizing rejection risk.

Procedure & Diagnosis Coding

Electronic Claim Submission

We submit claims electronically to all major payers, ensuring timely and accurate processing.

Electronic Claim Submission

Real-Time Claim Tracking

Monitor claim status & follow-up progress easily through our user-friendly platform and prevent any delays.

Denial and A/R Management

Proactive Denial Management

Our team identifies & addresses potential issues before claims are denied, saving you time & money.

Outstanding Balances

Dedicated Support

Get expert assistance from our team throughout the process, including appeals & resubmissions.

Why Entrust Your Claim Submission Services to HMS?

Tired of

Claim denials costing you 2-8% of your revenue annually?

Manual data entry eating away 30% of your staff's time?

Delayed payments impacting your cash flow and patient care?

HMS can help. We offer a comprehensive claim submission service that goes beyond just filing claims. We streamline your process, maximize your reimbursements, and free up your time to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Here's what sets us apart

98% Accuracy Rate

Our expert coders and advanced scrubbing technology ensure your claims are submitted flawlessly, minimizing denials and maximizing your average reimbursement rate by 5%.

2x Fater Payments

We electronically submit claims to all major payers, reducing processing time by 50% and getting you paid 10 days faster on average.

30% More Time for Patients

Eliminate manual data entry and claim tracking with our automated system. Your staff can spend 30% more time providing exceptional patient care.

Peace of Mind with HIPAA Compliance

We take data security seriously, ensuring your patient information is protected with industry-leading security measures.

Ready to experience the HMS difference?

  • Increase your revenue by 45%
  • Save 20 hours per week on administrative tasks
  • Get paid 15 days faster
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your claims are in expert hands

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