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Unleash the Hidden Revenue Streams in Your General Surgery Practice. Experience Unmatched General Surgery Billing Efficiency and Accuracy with HMS USA LLC!

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Accelerate Your Pathology Practice's Growth with our Pathology Medical Billing Services

Accurate Claim Processing with Professional General Surgery Medical Billing

If you're a General Surgery provider or practice owner, you're familiar with the intricate world of managing various surgical procedures across multiple subspecialties. Navigating the nuances of global surgical packages, deciphering the precise modifiers for surgeon roles, and seamlessly coordinating same-day procedures is a whole new league of expertise.

Remember, the entire process of filing claims is tedious and filled with paperwork without any reimbursement assurance! Without accurate and timely general surgery claim processing, your practice could be losing money and potential profits due to inefficient processes. You would want your claims to be submitted on time and ensure timely A/R follow-up.

But there's an answer - HMS USA LLC! With over 20 years of experience in medical billing and coding, our highly trained professionals are familiar with the complexities of general surgical procedures across multiple subspecialties. Our team provides prompt, efficient, and accurate claim processing, ensuring that you get your needed reimbursements on time.

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HMS General Surgery Medical Billing Services Defined to your Practice Need

Streamline your practice operations with HMS comprehensive general surgery billing services that are specified to meet the individual needs of each practice.

Initial Practice Assessment

Initial Practice Assessment

The first step in our billing process is to assess your practice, identify & analyze the areas that need improvement and implement best practices.

VOB & Authorization

VOB & Authorization

We ensure you get your reimbursements on time by verifying insurance benefits in advance and obtaining pre-authorization for the services provided.

General Surgery Specified Coding

General Surgery Specified Coding

Our certified coders are highly proficient in general surgery coding and follow the latest guidelines for accurate coding.

EHR/EMR Software Integrations

EHR/EMR Software Integrations

We integrate your existing EHR/EMR software with our billing technologies and provide seamless access to relevant information.

Claim Denial Management

Claim Denial Management

Our team swiftly handles all denials and appeals to ensure timely reimbursement of claims.

Final Reports & Analytics

Final Reports & Analytics

We provide detailed analysis and reporting to ascertain your practice's financial performance and improve its profitability.

Experience Unprecedented Financial Success with Pathology Billing Specialist

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Denials with Precise General Surgery Coding

Billing is considered a tedious and complex task, but coding is a major headache for providers. E/M coding can be tricky and requires expertise – especially when coding for general surgery. It's not just selecting the correct CPT code but also capturing the pre-op and post-op visits, and E/M services, choosing the appropriate modifiers, and filing claims accurately.

All these factors can lead to denials and significant loss of revenue in the long run and hinder your practice's profitability. You would want to ensure that you have correctly identified the right surgical procedural codes and modifiers - a task that can be time-consuming and tedious without experienced professionals.

With our proficient general surgery coders, HMS USA LLC guarantees top-notch coding accuracy with an average of 98.5% accuracy rate! Our coding experts are proficient in identifying the correct CPT codes and modifiers, ensuring accurate claims processing. We also provide complete assistance with appeals, pre-authorization, and denial management to maximize your revenue stream.

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Why Choose HMS For General Surgery Billing?

So if you want to simplify, streamline and maximize your practice's profitability, choosing HMS USA LLC for general surgery billing is the right choice. With our robust suite of medical billing technologies and experienced team of professional coders, we guarantee accurate coding and timely reimbursements while reducing accounts receivables.

We cover a diverse range of general surgery procedures that include but are not limited to laparoscopic procedures, hernia repair surgery, gallbladder removal, vascular surgical procedures, and more. Our team also assists in setting up ICD-10 codes for the required procedures to ensure an error-free billing system that results in higher reimbursements.

We understand you are busy, so why not let HMS USA LLC handle the back-office tasks while you focus on providing quality patient care? Reach out to us now and let our experts help you with every step of general surgery billing! Contact us today and find out how we can help you maximize your practice's revenue potential.

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