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Unlock New Opportunities with HMS' Expertise in Medical Billing! Get Premium Quality Care Services for Your Practice Through Innovative Medical Billing Services from HMS.

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Gynecology Billing Services


We provide comprehensive billing services for all types of gynecologic practices,

Hematology Billing Services


Our Hematology Billing Services team provides comprehensive billing and collections services for hematologists and oncologists.

Hepatology Billing Services


Take your hepatology practice to the next level with our comprehensive billing services.

Immunology Billing Services


Enhance your immunology practice with our integrated billing services.

Infectious Disease Billing Services

Infectious Disease

Maximize your reimbursement with our comprehensive billing services for infectious disease physicians.

Medical Clinics Billing Services

Medical Clinics

Improve your bottom line with our efficient and accurate billing services

Molecular Lab Billing Services

Molecular Lab

Enhance your laboratory's productivity with our comprehensive billing services.

General Surgery Billing Services

General Surgery

Take your practice to the next level with our comprehensive billing services

Cardiovascular Billing Services


Improve your collections and increase your bottom line

OB GYN Billing Services


We bring extensive experience in billing for OB GYN practices.

Oncology Billing Services


Minimize denials and maximize cash flow with our oncology billing services.

Ophthalmology Billing Services


HMS brings experience and expertise in ophthalmology billing.

Pain Management Billing Services

Pain Management

Get the most out of your pain management practice with our billing services.

Pathology Lab Billing Services

Pathology Lab

Achieve the highest reimbursement for your pathology lab with our expert billing services.