Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Don't settle for less when you can earn more. Make a transformative change in your revenue game with HMS USA LLC's medical billing services for small practices that empower small practices like yours to gain higher reimbursement rates.

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Diagnostic & Treatment Center

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Professional Medical Billing Services

Affordable Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

We understand how essential it is to optimize your practice's revenue cycle management process. With our Cost- Effective Medical Billing Services for Small Practices, you can focus on patients' health as we take care of your administrative work.

As a leading medical billing provider, we calculate every aspect to streamline and maximize your medical practice reimbursement. We guarantee a billing process where inconsistent codes aren't multiplying or claims getting piled up with multiple denials. We increase practices' revenue with correct claims submission while minimizing the denials.

Being a cost-effective billing company, HMS has the expertise to perform institutional and professional billing services. With the Quality first approach, we have scored a 90% claim pass ratio that makes us the best choice for your medical billing services.

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HMS way of Transforming Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

HMS is the leading medical billing services company that delivers a reliable, swift, and reasonable pricing model to ensure that your practice gets the maximum reimbursement possible. We are a team of certified professional billers and coders covering every aspect of RCM billing services with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Patient Preauthorization

Patient Preauthorization

With our RCM billing services, you will get prior authorization from the insurance to perform a procedure and get reimbursement accordingly.

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Our medical billing experts perform patient eligibility & benefits verification to confirm insurance coverage for complete reimbursements.

Claim Submission

Claim Submission

Enable a 99% claim success ratio with HMS clean claim submission process. Our coding and billing experts ensure your claims get paid accurately

Payment Posting

Payment Posting

Our experts proactively perform insurance payment posting and patient payments in medical billing software to streamline the practice cash flow.

A/R Follow-Up & Denial Management

A/R Follow-Up & Denial Management

We continuously perform follow-ups for effective denial management to keep track of your A/R to improve the collections rate.

Medical Billing Audit

Medical Billing Audit

HMS medical billing audit helps you track and improve the claim processing and payment posting to maximize your practice revenue.

USA Most Trusted Provider of Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

HMS understands the challenges of running a small medical practice, and our expertise enables us to create a customized strategy for each client. We specialize in providing medical billing services for small practices.

Our various added services help practices with their additional needs. We process patient statements and perform A/R follow-ups on your practice's behalf. Our team creates custom reports, including an account overview, so there isn't any guesswork involved when trying to find answers.

We offer comprehensive medical billing services to take the hassle out of claim processing and collections. By outsourcing your medical billing needs to HMS, you can free up time and resources to focus on providing quality patient care.

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Medical Billing Services for Small Practices
Why HMS Medical Billing Services

Why Choose HMS Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

HMS, USA LLC has more than a decade of expertise in providing medical billing services in New York. We aim to streamline and grow your practice's revenue. Our three-tier approach increases your income, reduces administrative costs, and improves practice administration.

Our team not only processes the claim and keeps accurate records, but they also support your staff members who are not versed in medical billing and coding. Our goal is to provide your practice with quality medical billing services at affordable prices, ensuring a client-first approach.

With our full-service approach, you'll never have to worry about being out of the loop. Our experts handle your practice's revenue cycle management, maintain complete transparency, and give insight into the best leverage opportunities to get you on the fast track.

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