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See 2x more patient and Breathe Easy with Denial-Busting Pulmonology Billing and Coding Services that Optimizes Cash Flow and free you from administrative tasks.

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Faster Payments with Same-Day Medical Billing for Orthopedics Surgery Clinics

Pulmonology Medical Billing Challenges? HMS Solves Them, Head-On.

As a pulmonologist, your days are filled with crucial outpatient consultations and follow-up appointments. The last thing you need is the burden of complex medical billing eating away at your valuable time. This is when all you want is a pulmonology billing provider that understands the specific nuances of this field.

From the moment a patient is scheduled, through the maze of insurance negotiations that often result in lower reimbursements, to the intricate web of rescheduling appointments with other specialists, HMS stands as your steadfast partner. We recognize the critical importance of every step in the patient care cycle, particularly the often-overlooked billing process that can dictate the financial health of your practice.

We promise to streamline your billing process, ensuring that you're compensated fairly and promptly for the invaluable care you provide. We tackle insurance companies head-on, fighting for the reimbursements you rightfully deserve, and manage the complexities of scheduling and rescheduling, all while keeping your financial health in check.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Pulmonology Practice Management Solutions

Going beyond simple billing, HMS offers a complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution specifically tailored to the needs of your pulmonary practice. We tackle all the challenges you face, from scheduling and patient intake to explaining complex Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and ensuring timely payments.

Seamless scheduling and patient intake

Seamless scheduling and patient intake

Reduce administrative burdens and ensure a smooth patient experience from the moment they book an appointment.

 Expert coding and claim submission

Expert coding and claim submission

Maximize reimbursements with accurate coding and efficient claim submission, minimizing denials and delays.

Clear and timely communication

Clear and timely communication

We empower you and your patients with clear explanations of EOBs and billing statements, fostering trust and transparency

Dedicated account management

Dedicated account management

Our team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Proactive denials management

Proactive denials management

Our team actively identifies and addresses potential claim denials, maximizing revenue recovery and minimizing financial losses.

 Performance insights and reporting

Performance insights and reporting

Gain valuable insights into your practice's financial performance through comprehensive reports and data analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions

Speciality-Specific Coding for Pulmonology Procedures

When it comes to Medicare billing for pulmonologists, navigating the maze of regulations and guidelines can be as complex as the pulmonary procedures themselves especially when you're faced with limitations like the inability to bill for CPT code 94640 (Pressurized or non-pressurized inhalation treatment for acute airway obstruction) and 94644 (Continuous inhalation treatment with aerosol medication for acute airway obstruction) on the same day.

Medicare's stringent guidelines also stipulate that no more than two one-hour sessions may be billed in a single day for pulmonary procedures. These restrictions highlight the critical need for specialized knowledge and expertise in CPT and ICD-10 coding for pulmonology procedures, ensuring that your practice not only remains compliant but also secures the maximum allowable reimbursement for the vital services you provide.

You can trust that your billing process is in the hands of professionals who are not just familiar with the rules but are adept at applying them to benefit your practice. We ensure that every claim is meticulously prepared, maximizing your reimbursement opportunities while minimizing compliance risks.

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Why HMS USA LLC is Your Winning Formula for Orthopedic Billing

What Can HMS Offer To Your Pulmonology Practice?

With a legacy of serving over 100 pulmonology practices, we've consistently delivered a remarkable 25-30% increase in practice revenue. Denial management isn't just a service for us; it's an art form we've perfected. With our AAPC and AMA-recognized prowess, we're not just reducing denials; we're virtually eliminating them, slashing rates by up to 99%. Imagine what near-zero denials could mean for your practice's financial health.

But here's the HMS difference: we believe in partnerships, not paperwork. Forget about lengthy contracts that lock you in. We're here to offer you transparency and freedom, with clear insights into your financials, because knowing where your money is going is not just your right—it's our promise.

Choose HMS, and make the strategic decision not just to meet, but exceed your pulmonology practice's financial goals. We're not just offering services; we're guaranteeing a partnership that propels you towards success.

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