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Revolutionize Your Geriatrics Practice by Achieving Financial Freedom! Stay Profitable and Competitive in a Rapidly Evolving Industry with HMS USA LLC's Geriatrics Medical Billing Services.

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Make a Smart Choice: HMS Geriatrics Medical Billing Service

As a provider in the field of geriatrics, you face a unique set of challenges when it comes to medical billing. With an aging population and an increasing number of patients under 65 with chronic conditions, the complexity of geriatric reimbursement has skyrocketed in recent years.

Managing the process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and prone to errors resulting in delayed payments, decreased profitability, and patient dissatisfaction. But staying competitive in this rapidly changing field requires quick and accurate submitting of claims for geriatric services.

That’s why HMS USA LLC Geriatrics Medical Billing Services are designed to alleviate providers’ pain points and streamline the billing process. We offer quick turnaround times, providing detailed reports allowing you to easily track your claim statuses and payments.

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How We Keep You in Control: Our Step-by-Step Billing Cycle Process

From initial patient contact to final claim submission and payment receipt, HMS USA LLC's Geriatrics Medical Billing Services offer a step-by-step approach to ensure accuracy and timely payment. Our process consists of:

Verifying Insurance Eligibility & Authorization

Verifying Eligibility & Authorization

We validate patient insurance coverage and required authorizations before any service is rendered.

Coding Services

Coding Services

Our Coding Experts assign accurate codes to the medical services provided, streamlining reimbursement processing.

Billing & Follow-up

Billing & Follow-up

HMS Billing experts submit claims quickly and efficiently, then follow up for timely payment on your behalf.

Denial & Appeals Management

Denial & Appeals Management

Our experienced team reviews denied claims, filing necessary appeals for the denied claims on your behalf.

Revenue Cycle Reporting & Analysis

Revenue Cycle Reporting & Analysis

We provide monthly reporting and analytics to help you monitor the financial health of your practice.

Payment Posting & Reconciliation

Compliance Auditing

We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance and stay ahead of all changes to federal and state regulations.

See 25% More Patients per Day by Outsourcing Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

As a geriatrician, you are there to treat patients facing some chronic & degenerative health issues like Dementia, Alzheimer, and loss of mobility. Navigating the intricate world of geriatric medical billing with a multitude of geriatric billing codes is no easy feat.

Whether it's a routine office visit or a complex angioplasty procedure, managing geriatric billing cpt codes requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Without it, you could be leaving money on the table or risking compliance issues and find yourself feeling lost in a sea of billing complexities.

Consider outsourcing your medical billing needs to the professionals who can handle all the hassles related to geriatrics medical billing. With HMS you get peace of mind knowing that your billing is in the hands of experienced professionals.

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Why Choose HMS for Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

At HMS, we specialize in geriatrics medical billing services. Our experienced team of experts has the knowledge and experience required to ensure that your practice gets paid quickly and accurately for all of your services.

You can reduce overhead costs by 25-30%, focus on providing quality patient care instead of paperwork, accelerate the payment cycle, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Your claims will be processed accurately and quickly - saving you time and money.

Make a wise decision, and be rest assured that you have the most reliable and efficient medical billing services for geriatrics. Allow our team to take the burden of navigating the complexities of geriatric billing off your shoulders!

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